Our Story


Made Organics is founded on the belief that if your mom approves, then it must be good. That is the cornerstone of our brand, Mother Approved Daily Essentials. Family is important and that is what inspired us to handcraft our products with the best ingredients possible. Made Organics takes tremendous pride in what goes into our products by procuring all natural, organic and fair trade ingredients. Our products provide customers with a great personal care experience with an added piece of mind. Made Organics believes that what is good for the family is good for the world and that shines through in our product.
Inspired by family. Made for all.

Our Founder

The matriarch of her family, Bernette Dawson, founded Made Organics™ after her son developed a skin condition during the harsh winter. Determined to find a safe and alternative solution to over the counter prescriptions, she began whipping together all natural ingredients in her home. The result was a very happy child and the building blocks of Made Organics ™ from her family to yours.